What do you think about the new product pages at Amazon?



You may have noticed that product pages on Amazon now have a new look.

Amazon began rolling these new product pages out about 2 weeks ago at Amazon.com.

In the beginning, the old page was sometimes showing; now only the new page appears. This suggests that Amazon has tested this out extensively. Evidently, the new page is working better overall (although some books may be hurt by the new look, on average more books must be benefiting from the new look, otherwise Amazon will revert back to the old look).

That’s the thing:

  • Amazon knows how to sell books.
  • Amazon has sales data.

If sales are down overall, Amazon will quickly change the look again. So the longer the new pages remain, the more we know that the new look is working (at least more often than not).

I saw several variations of the new product page in the first few days when the change was introduced. Amazon was surely testing variations out to see which worked best. The ‘final’ product page must be the variation that was most effective overall.

Following are the changes.


The Kindle book description now shows fewer lines before being interrupted by the Read More link.

Remember, Amazon knows how to sell books!

You have to trust Amazon on this.

Most (I didn’t say ‘all’) customers shopping for books aren’t going to spend too much time on most of the product pages.

Therefore, if you have a long blurb, most customers aren’t reading the whole blurb anyway.

This is Amazon’s way of telling authors, “Hey, your description is too long. Whichever part of your description you feel is most important to convey to shoppers, move that before the Read More link.”

If this change were hurting sales more often than helping sales, Amazon would change it back. Amazon sees the overall sales numbers. Amazon knows.


On the Kindle product page, other book formats, such as paperback and audio book, now stand out much better.

However, on the paperback book product page, the available formats appear in a format similar to the old layout.

Evidently, it’s more beneficial, on average, for Amazon to highlight the print and audio book editions on the Kindle page than it is for Amazon to highlight the Kindle edition on the print page.


If you’ve already purchased the print edition from Amazon and visit the Kindle product page, the MatchBook offer is highly visible near the purchase button.

However, if you haven’t already purchased the print edition, the MatchBook offer still fails to jump out at you.

On the print product page, you must scroll way down to product details, then look way over to the right, and it’s rather plain, not jumping out at you.

On the Kindle product page, it’s really tiny and just under the book description. I’ve missed it several times and I know exactly where it is!!

However, if you’ve already purchased the print edition, it’s really easy to find the MatchBook offer on the Kindle edition.

The thing is, authors would like for the MatchBook offer to be more visible to customers who haven’t already bought the book.

Amazon generally knows best, so I suppose I’ll have to trust Amazon here, too.


The purchase options appear larger and are better spread out on the right side of the Amazon product page.

For books in Kindle Unlimited, the buying option looks different depending upon whether or not the customer is a Kindle Unlimited subscriber.

If you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber and the book is in Kindle Unlimited, Amazon shows the price as FREE directly beneath the Kindle price.

If you’re not a Kindle Unlimited subscriber and the book is in Kindle Unlimited, you don’t see the FREE price below the purchase price. But it does mention Kindle Unlimited with the option to Learn More.


There are a few different positions where an advertisement may show on an Amazon product page.

For books, an AMS ad is most likely to get noticed if it shows directly below the book description. However, that’s the tiniest ad thumbnail.

A somewhat larger ad (but not the largest) sometimes shows on the right side, below the purchase options. However, unless you have an extremely large monitor, customers won’t notice this ad unless they scroll downward.

Ads may also show down near the customer review section.

But AMS ads placed through KDP only charge for clicks, not impressions, so if the ad doesn’t get noticed, it doesn’t cost the author anything.


Are you frustrated over losing space in the book description? (If the description is too long, part of it is hidden by a Read More link.)

The solution is to visit Author Central.

The From the Author, From the Back Cover, and About the Author sections show much more fully further down the product page. If you have any editorial reviews, these show more fully, too.

Maybe you can find a way to use these sections effectively (without abusing the system, of course).


Have you noticed any other changes to the Amazon product page?

If so, please check that the change is still showing, and leave a comment to let everyone know.

Thank you.

Write happy, be happy. 🙂

Chris McMullen

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