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Note: As of October, 2019, the Matchbook program has been canceled.

After I purchased some print books today on Amazon, I found a nice surprise.

At the top of the next page was a large Matchbook offer, large enough to include the thumbnail of one of the books and a message.

It informed me that since I had purchased the print edition, I could add the Kindle edition for $1.99.

This way, the Matchbook offers are getting a little exposure.

They are slightly easier to spot on the product page than they once were, yet they still aren’t too visible there.

But after you buy the print book, now the Matchbook offer is highly visible.


The Amazon Kindle Matchbook program allows publishers to offer the Kindle edition at a discounted price to customers who have already purchased the print edition.

The idea is to entice customers to buy both editions, and to offer savings to customers who do so.

KDP authors can check a box on the second page of the publishing process to enroll in the Matchbook program.

You must have a print edition of the same Kindle e-book, and the two editions must be linked together on the Amazon product page for this to work.

I get some Matchbook sales every month.

But many authors don’t see many Matchbook sales.

For one, I sell many more print books than Kindle e-books. If you sell mostly Kindle e-books, you probably won’t see as many Matchbook sales.

Unless you find an effective way to take advantage of a little marketing potential.

You have to let your prospective customers know about the benefits of Matchbook.

For example:

  • Buy the print edition at Amazon and get the e-book edition at a discount.
  • Keep the Kindle edition for yourself and give the print edition as a gift. (Great holiday idea.)

Many customers don’t know about Matchbook, and those who do often don’t fully realize how it could benefit them.

The way around this problem is to help educate your customers.

But like all other marketing, it’s never easy.

Write happy, be happy. 🙂

Chris McMullen

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