New Kindle Unlimited Survey for Authors (Got a Minute?)

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Image from ShutterStock.


Here a few quick questions about the new Kindle Unlimited policy.

If you’re an author, please complete this brief survey. You can view the results after you vote.

(If you’re not an author, you can still view the results without voting. Just click where it says, “View results.”)

Kindle Unlimited now pays royalties to KDP Select books based on pages read (KENP read) instead of a flat rate per borrow.

Do you like the new Kindle Unlimited policy or the old policy better?

Which of the following options best describes your reaction to the new Kindle Unlimited pages read policy?

The best way to track whether or not the total number of KDP Select books is increasing or decreasing is to periodically check the enrollment numbers at Amazon. (This way you can also check on specific categories.)

This survey will remain available. Feel free to return and check the results after more authors have taken it.

Write happy, be happy. 🙂

Chris McMullen

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