Kindle Unlimited: Movin’ on up (September 2017)


The Kindle Unlimited per-page rate increased for the second month in a row.

The September, 2017 rate of $0.00443 is a healthy boost over the August rate of $0.00419 and the July rate of $0.00403 per page.

Both of these increases followed the introduction of KENPC v3.0.

The KDP Select Global Fund for September, 2017 is $19.5 million.

Overall, Amazon is paying out more money per month than ever for Kindle Unlimited: The global fund has climbed over 20% over the past year.

That comes to over $200M per year, and that doesn’t even include royalties for ordinary sales—that’s just for pages read through Kindle Unlimited (and to a much lesser extent, Amazon Prime).

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Chris McMullen

14 comments on “Kindle Unlimited: Movin’ on up (September 2017)

  1. Thank you Chris! Or as you are known in our house for your guidance in this whole self publishing thing, “The Amazon Man”:) Thanks to your books and fine instructions, I am working on formating my second Kindle. I rather enjoy it too! Always amazed when I find an email showing I sold a book or one from Kindle. Now it doesn’t get more fun than this!! Thank you!!

  2. Can you explain why, when the fund was a heck of a lot lower than 19mil, the rate was at .05+ The fund has been growing steadily, our share declined. Isn’t our share tied to the fund total?

    • Good question.

      One factor is how many pages the average subscriber reads during the month. There may be certain months where the average customer reads more than usual or less than usual. Another factor is the number of new subscribers on the free trial month. This happens when Kindle sales are up, and it also happens when there are promotions including a free trial. Yet another factor is how many new paying subscribers are now in the program compared to how many cancel their subscriptions. Amazon also has deals with a few traditional authors and publishers who are not part of KDP Select, and changes to these arrangements (or even traditionally published books added or removed) may impact the global fund (these books help bring traffic to the program). So even if Amazon’s profit (or loss) remains the same, the rate can vary from any of these factors.

      (The rate is overall lower than when it started, but it hasn’t quite been a steady decline. It’s gone down, up, and down over significant periods of several months in a row. There was a long steady decline for much of this year, but there had also been a long steady increase prior to that with a peak returning above .05. The global fund, on the other hand, has steadily increased for years.)

  3. This reminds me of the famous Amazon line when explaining what’s unacceptable on a cover: “About what you’d expect.”

    So the answer is: “We’ll give you whatever the hell we want and if you don’t like it, we don’t care. We don’t have to. We’re Amazon.”

    With apologies to Emily Letilla.

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