Amazon Reviews Now Require a $50 Minimum Customer Spend


Customers used to be able to write a review at Amazon as long as they had made a purchase.

Amazon now requires customers to spend a minimum of $50 using a valid credit/debit card before they can write a customer review.

This is one of several steps that Amazon has made over the years in an effort to improve the customer review system.

Amazon strives for organic customer reviews.

Organic reviews are the best reviews you can get.

For years, Amazon has effectively blocked reviews that are posted by friends and family of authors.

Verified purchase reviews now have an advantage over non-verified reviews when it comes to visibility on Amazon.

Amazon uses machine learning to help determine how prominently a review will display on a product page.

This new $50 minimum customer spend is another of many steps in the right direction.

Amazon’s customer review system has never been (and may never be) perfect, but Amazon is working to make it better.

Remember the days when you walked into a bookstore, and the only reviews you saw were glowing reviews on the back cover and front matter?

Write happy, be happy. 🙂

Chris McMullen

Copyright © 2017

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9 comments on “Amazon Reviews Now Require a $50 Minimum Customer Spend

  1. Wow – I’m one who didn’t know. I wonder if Kindle Unlimited subscribers are eligible. I don’t know where my reviews come from that aren’t marked “verified purchase” — perhaps ebook or print book lending?

    • Kindle Unlimited subscribers can leave reviews, provided that they meet the $50 purchase minimum. Kindle Unlimited reviews aren’t marked as Verified Purchase (at least, not since I last checked).

      I’m not sure about ebook lending (but definitely print lending, copies bought from stores, advance review copies, etc. don’t show as Verified Purchases).

  2. As a follow-up, I tend to endorse this policy. I always look at reviews when buying a product (not books, because individual reactions are often very different from mine). I learn a lot about products from reviews and “answered questions.”

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