KDP Help Pages Continually Improving



Every few months for the past 11 years I’ve spent time browsing through the KDP help pages.

They have evolved considerably over the years.

When CreateSpace first merged with KDP, there was very little information on the KDP help pages regarding paperback formatting and submission requirements.

Now the paperback submission guidelines for Kindle Direct Publishing are far more complete.

Visit KDP. Log in. Look for the Help link at the top of the page.


There is ample information organized in the Help topics that appear in the left column.

For example, for paperback formatting:

  • Look under Prepare, Publish, Promote
  • Click Prepare Your Book
  • Select Format Your Manuscript
  • Below the first list, look for Paperback Submission Overview.
  • Now you will find several topics, from templates (which I don’t recommend, but can be handy) to fonts.

Even Amazon Kindle’s Build Your Book has evolved over the years. This formatting guide used to be solely for Kindle, but now there is also a version for paperback formatting. The paperback version is available for Microsoft Word, Word for Mac, and even Pages for Mac.

If you spend some time browsing through the help pages, you can find some cool info. For example, check out both the Promote Your Book and Tools and Resources sections under Prepare, Publish, Promote.

One of the most valuable KDP help pages is found under Prepare, Publish, Promote > Publish Your Book > Enter Book Details > Choose Browse Categories. This page has the secret keywords needed to unlock special categories.

Another thing that has evolved considerably is Amazon’s list of recommended services. This list used to be just for Kindle conversion services, but has since been expanded to include editing, cover design, formatting, and translation. Find this list under Prepare, Publish, Promote > Getting Started > Before You Start Publishing > Publishing Service Providers & Resources.

Want to know more about advertising with AMS? Click Prepare, Publish, Promote > Promote Your Book > Kindle Merchandising Programs > Advertising for KDP Books.

Write Happy, Be Happy

Chris McMullen

Author of the Improve Your Math Fluency series of math workbooks and self-publishing guides

20 comments on “KDP Help Pages Continually Improving

  1. Do you think it’s because they’re tired of publishing poorly-formatted books? I ordered a paperback the other day, and it came with no headers or footers (aka as author name and title and page numbers) not fully-justified and double spaced. It looks crazy inside and it ruined the story for me. Not to mention I probably paid 2 dollars more for it than necessary. Grrr. It’s amazing to me how many authors forget what a book looks like inside. I’m sharing your post because even if you’re a new author, with the free tools out there, there is no reason to publish books that are not formatting correctly.

    • Amazon wants it to be easy to publish, but also easy to publish well, so providing free resources to help authors format their books is one goal. You’re absolutely right about there being “no reason.” 🙂

      • I bought your book three years ago to publish my first book, and even today I *still* use the formula to calculate bleed, only now I don’t use Word text boxes, but use the formula to use the custom dimensions in Canva to make my covers. 🙂 I appreciate you helping the indie community!

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