Read Tuesday (and Every Day)


The Read Tuesday website is now active again.

What is Read Tuesday? The idea is to help readers find books that are on sale.

It is starting small. Currently, there is one page for Romance novels. Additional pages for other genres may be coming soon.

The idea is simple. Authors or publishers may add a short comment to the Romance page on the Read Tuesday website to indicate that their romance novel is on sale. Please read the instructions at the top of the page.

Readers interested in romance novels can browse the comments, looking for an interesting book that will be on sale.

The Read Tuesday website will evolve, depending on interest. We may add additional pages for other genres, or we could even have pages with subgenres in the future if needed.

Presently, we’re looking for books that will be on sale in December of 2019.

Write Happy, Be Happy

Chris McMullen

Author of the Improve Your Math Fluency series of math workbooks and self-publishing guides

8 comments on “Read Tuesday (and Every Day)

  1. Great idea. I hope you do extend to other genres as I neither read nor write Romance. My writing is Fantasy and historical, and I read almost anything except Romance!

  2. Greetings and thank you for your useful information
    Offtopic: Amazon sent me today, two days before the usual, the KDP Select Global Fund for November is $26.1 million. I don’t know how to translate that to perpage rate, and I was wondering if you have seen that email yet.

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