Kindle Unlimited for December, 2019

The December, 2019, Kindle Unlimited Per Page Rate

The Kindle Unlimited per-page rate was 0.004664 in December, 2019. It’s down from December, perhaps from holiday Kindle sales, but close to what it had been in October.

The KDP Select Global Fund rose to a new high of $26.2 million for December, 2019.

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Chris McMullen

Author of the Improve Your Math Fluency series of math workbooks and self-publishing guides

6 comments on “Kindle Unlimited for December, 2019

  1. This is good information! I went through your other posts also… Especially kindle Unlimited for November & October.. How badly does it impact?? I mean when you see it just as number… You feel is there really a big difference between 0.0049 and 0.0046! Also.. Can you control these prices?? Or are they regulated by Amazon?? What do these prices depend on??

    • The rates are set by Amazon. It depends on how many customers have subscriptions, how many pages they read on average, etc. During the holidays, many customers have new Kindles, they read more, and more customers are using their free trial. Amazon paid more money overall for pages read in December, $26.2 million, so for more money to result in a smaller per page rate, it shows that customers read more than a typical month. However, this also means the average author had more pages read, too. The rate fluctuates throughout the year. About .005 is a rare high; it has come really close to 0.004 a few times, but for several months it has been between 0.0045 and 0.005, so relatively speaking it is pretty good right now.

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