A New Word for “Woman”?

I came across this blog, and I thought the idea was fascinating. The blog makes what I feel is a very good case, and the proposal appears to be well thought out (i.e. the reasoning behind the choice of the word).

Before you point out the criticism (which you’re welcome to do—at least, you’re welcome to do it in the comments section of my blog), consider this.

It might not be realistic to replace the word “woman” with a new word.

What’s more realistic is for people who support this idea to spread the word about it, and for some authors in some contexts to slowly apply it (and explain why), so that eventually this new word is used enough that it becomes an addition to the language. This seems plausible for the not-too-distant future. In the far future, perhaps it could replace the current word, but I think just getting it used enough to gain acceptance would be a giant leap.

Back to possible criticism. Such might just get the new word the publicity it needs.

I wouldn’t go out and write any novel using this word. Maybe there are a limited number where this word would gain more support from readers than it may put readers off. But if you write something where this word might fit the context and you support this word, there are small ways that use of the word could grow.

Maybe I’m in the wrong gender to advocate the use of the new word. I just thought the idea was fascinating and wanted to share it. Feel free to dislike the idea. 🙂

Note that we do already have a three-letter word for woman. It’s “fem,” short for female… Maybe they can get into the three-letter club with this? But “fem” may not be entirely suitable. Plus, like “woman,” which includes “man,” “female” includes “male.”