Does Your Book Wear Boxers or Briefs?

Boxers Briefs Pic

Answer these questions to define your reading profile. Don’t worry: There isn’t any answer key, so you won’t really be “profiled.” It’s just for your own self-assessment and entertainment.

You must select one or the other, even when you like both. Find a way to break the tie.

(1) Do you prefer softcover or hardcover?

(2) Do you read fiction or nonfiction?

(3) Do you like printed pages or digital books?

(4) Would you rather read fantasy or science fiction?

(5) Would you prefer romance or erotica?

(6) Would you rather read a single book or a series?

(7) Are you in favor of traditional publishing or self-publishing?

(8) Have you ever met a popular author after reading one of their books?

(9) Do you discuss books with others or keep it all to yourself?

(10) Do you prefer to see one space or two spaces after a period and before the next sentence?

(11) Do you review books frequently or just once in a while?

(12) Do you write books or just read them?

(13) Do you thoroughly enjoy the read or do you criticize the story as you read it?

(14) While reading, do you take the time to look up words that aren’t in your vocabulary?

(15) Do you read in silence or do you prefer to listen to (or make) sounds while you read?

Grading: If you answered all of the questions, you passed the test. Congratulations! (No cheating!)

If you thought of other similar questions, please feel free to share them in a comment. Thank you. 🙂

12 comments on “Does Your Book Wear Boxers or Briefs?

  1. Wow, these are some good questions to really make one think… I think I’d be a “boxer” kind of girl… but being a woman, I don’t really have to explain anything, right? LOL 😀

  2. Boxers of course! I thought you were asking us to post the answers here. Apparently I “know” myself well enough to answer quickly and decisively, except for question #5, where I thought, “blegh.” 🙂

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