Experiencing the Genres (A Poem for Writers)

Genres Pic

It’s a bad romance—

Between the art and writer:

Passion fuels writing,

While distressing the author.


It’s sheer fantasy;

A million copies will sell.

Until it goes live…

True? False? Nobody can tell.


A killer suspense:

Will the book succeed or fail?

Check those sales reports;

The numbers will tell the tail.


It’s a mystery:

Who posted that book review?

To figure it out,

One must study every clue.

10 comments on “Experiencing the Genres (A Poem for Writers)

  1. Sounds like me right now. The first week of a book debut seems to be the roughest. Wondering about refunds and dreading that first negative review. I think I’m going to avoid reading it when it appears.

      • Thanks. I gotta work my way up to avoidance, I guess. It’s that nasty Catch-22. If I avoid it then I don’t know if I should do more advertising or if what I’m doing is working. At least with the rankings and sales. The negative reviews I can dodge.

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