Hey You! Yeah you! Come a little closer…

A great message that everyone needs to hear. (Also worth checking out the other posts on this blog, too.)


I m doing something a little different today…

The more I get to know you all, the more I noticed a lot of people have the same problem as I do.

‘And what would that be?’ I can hear you ask. Well, it’s a common problem actually and a lot of people suffer from it.

It goes under different names: Insecurity, Not Worthy, Not good enough and a lot of others like that.

Basic line: Not being happy with what you are.

Well, that’s not exactly right, some of us are actually happy with who we are, but we don’t believe others like us that way as all.

Let me tell you this:

You are all unique and wonderful people! (yes, you too) No, don’t go shaking your head, it’s true.

And yes, I know I am not a shining example myself, because I have trouble believing people actually like…

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