Read Tuesday Pictures—Second Try

RT Logo 23

Melissa Stevens ( read the opinions expressed in my previous post and offered the images that you see at the top and bottom of this post.

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the first round of images. Although it’s impossible to please everyone—especially, when opinions may be contradictory—since we will all be able to use the Read Tuesday images, I would like for everyone to be happy with them.

Let me add my opinions, which I didn’t express in the previous post. In the originals, I favored the stars and the gold bow, and was also concerned about clutter around the date. In this new set, the stars are more concentrated around the bag (to me, it’s as if they just popped out of it). The gold stars don’t seem as obtrusive to the text. I kind of like the red bow if we go with the gold stars.

But Read Tuesday isn’t my event, its our event. So your opinions are just as important. You are encouraged to express them.

In case you haven’t heard, Read Tuesday will be a big day for selling and gifting books, like Black Friday, except for books. You can learn more about Read Tuesday (but note that the name has changed) through the link below:

Chris McMullen

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2 comments on “Read Tuesday Pictures—Second Try

  1. I like either the no-ribbon/no-stars one or the second-from-bottom, with stars, but single color and not getting in the way of the date text.

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