Read Tuesday Pictures—Last Call for Opinions

RT Logo 21

A variety of opinions have been expressed on the possible Read Tuesday images that we can use for the website banner, headers for anyone to use on posts about Read Tuesday, and a logo that anyone can use to show support for Read Tuesday. Hopefully, we can make our final selection after this post. If so, then we will make the image in a few different aspect ratios and let you know as soon as they are ready to be used. Then we’ll launch Read Tuesday (culminating in the actual Read Tuesday on December 10).

I wonder if the picture above might be a fair compromise of the variety of opinions that we received. One big issue that was expressed was not to obscure the date. Of those with stars, these stars seem to be less obtrusive. A couple of comments suggested going with a cleaner look. While not as clean as having no stars, perhaps this is a fair compromise. There was a vote or two for a red bow, but it seemed that there were more votes for gold bows. It’s a challenge to please everyone, but my hope with the Read Tuesday concept is that it would reflect us a whole more than one individual—after all, Read Tuesday is intended to help many authors and readers, not just one person or small group.

What do you think? Will this image work for you?

The Read Tuesday image was designed by Melissa Stevens (

You can see the alternatives by clicking on the links below:

In case you haven’t heard, Read Tuesday will be a big day for selling and gifting books, like Black Friday, except for books. You can learn more about Read Tuesday (but note that the name has changed) through the link below:

Chris McMullen

7 comments on “Read Tuesday Pictures—Last Call for Opinions

  1. I love everything about this except I am missing some of the festiveness of the multicolored stars. I liked the stars in that previous ones. I just felt there were too many on the date. I miss the colorfulness .

    • That’s true, the colorful stars looked a little more festive. 🙂 That’s a good point. There is a little trade-off, as the color cluttered a little more, plus fewer colors tends to brand better. But maybe the festivity appeal outweighs this. We’ll see how others vote, and maybe the color will win. If nothing else, perhaps I can at least add some confetti to the Read Tuesday website.

      • I know what you mean about branding. The primary colors work best for that. Maybe we should just stick with the red and gold (yellow) so it doesn’t get too busy.

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