What is “Read Tuesday” and why you should care.

Here is a great post about Read Tuesday from the perspective of an author other than myself. 🙂



Read Tuesday is the brainchild of Chris McMullen, who is a pretty smart guy in terms of marketing and sales.

The idea is to use crowdmarketing (is that a word?  should it be a word?) to create a shopping day specifically for self-published e-books.  Since we all tend to act as our own marketing departments, he figured we could all work together to build buzz for e-books as a gift idea, and we would all benefit.

I think it’s a great idea.  Kind of like the Black Friday thing that major retailers do, only this is more like when a bunch of families get together and have one huge yard sale in the parking lot of a church.

The time to start building buzz on this is now (yes, I know that it isn’t even Halloween yet, but momentum takes time to build.)

He has started working on…

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