Look into my Eyes

Eyes Pic

Look into my eyes.

They can hypnotize,

Make you fantasize,

You will be my prize.

▪ ▪

Look into my eyes.

I will mesmerize,

See through your disguise,

Tell if you are wise.

▪ ▪

Look into my eyes.

You’ll believe my lies,

You won’t realize,

I’ll be your demise.

▪ ▪

Look into my eyes.

My look will chastise,

Cut you down to size,

Force your silent cries.

▪ ▪

Look into my eyes.

Let me energize,

Make your spirit rise,

Lift you to the skies.

▪ ▪

Look into my eyes.

I’ll antagonize,

Even terrorize,

To both girls and guys.

▪ ▪

Look into my eyes.

My pair will be spies,

You I will surmise,

I’ll check out your thighs.

▪ ▪

Look into my eyes.

Forget that time flies,

Stay here till sunrise,

Waste not all my tries.

▪ ▪

Look into my eyes.

Copyright (c) 2013 Chris McMullen

4 comments on “Look into my Eyes

    • Thank you for the kind words. I guess that’s why most of my poems have no rhyme or meter. With this one, I felt like I was trying to hammer a square peg through a triangular hole. Maybe I finally got it to go through… 🙂

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