Facebook Twitter WordPress Triangle: Double Posting OOPS!


You should feed your WordPress blog into Facebook and Twitter, as I explained in a previous post.

However, you have to beware of possible double posting.

However, you have to beware of possible double posting.

(You see: It’s annoying, isn’t it?)

In Twitter, there is an option to link it to Facebook, and vice-versa.

So if your WordPress blog feeds into Twitter and Facebook and if also Twitter is reading/writing everything you post at Facebook, you may find that your posts are getting doubled up at one or the other.

I confess that I had accidentally done this at Twitter with Read Tuesdayβ€”a Black Friday type of event just for books. Oops! Should be single posting there now, though.

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20 comments on “Facebook Twitter WordPress Triangle: Double Posting OOPS!

  1. Yeah, I did that, too, but I caught on pretty quick.

    A friend of mine was quadruple posting for a while, her WordPress feeding both her personal and author Facebook pages, and her WordPress also feeding her Twitter, which also fed both her personal and author pages. So those of us who followed her personal and author pages got to see links to everything she posted on WordPress four times. (For what it’s worth, that only lasted a couple of days.)

  2. I think my wordpress posts to facebook and my facebook posts to my personal both my personal and author blogs. Maybe that’s why some of my old friends aren’t speaking to me anymore.

    • I can think of better reasons not to speak to someone. It seems like it would be simpler to ask, “Do you realize you’re double posting?” You have to wonder who would do that intentionally…

  3. Ah! That’s good to point out – makes sense when you explain it.

    Twitter works for me, and is linked into my blog. Facebook never recovered from the glitch I bumped into in setting up. I am not impressed with the complete lack of help from facebook, so I’m not bothering with it (which is a shame because the page was looking good).

    Thanks, Chris. πŸ™‚

      • I would like to have it working, but I never got that far. I don’t have a home page, only the Admin panel and a page showing below it, but no margins, no search box, nothing. You can only use your phone once to register it, and you can’t have more than one account – and because my account is now registered, I can’t scrap it and try again. Grrr.

        There’s no way to contact them either, except to put in a request through their forums and “Tell us your problem” page. After 6 goes over a three month period, I’ve given up on them.

        Reading the forums, others have had the same problem – out of the blue for them, they had set up fine and had been using it. Some of those have had it “magically” come right again, so basically I’m stuck with waiting for that to happen for me, too.

        I’m not too worried about it, though, the blog seems to be working fine and people are following me on twitter, too.

        Glad it’s working for you. Twitter probably will, too, once you plug it in – I do like the automatic tweets, so I don’t have to worry about doing that.

        Cheers! πŸ˜€

    • Have you tried to setup a new account with the old cell phone number? Perhaps if you register the old cell phone number with the new account, it will un-register the old one. Might be worth a shot. (Or maybe more hassle than it’s worth.)

      • The system won’t let you do that on two fronts. It’s designed so that each person has only one account, so you’re not allowed to have a second (even if there is a problem with the first), and you can only use one number for that account, so they tell you the number has already been used. That seems to be the biggest gripe with people – especially those who have used a friend’s phone and now the friend can’t set up an account of their own without getting a new phone!

        They don’t tell you all that at the start!

        I don’t know why they should be paranoid about it, but those are the rules.

        As they seem to be having lots of problems anyway, I’m hoping they’ll do a full makeover, or that someone else will come up with something similar. It seems too popular to just fall in a heap. I’m just surprised there isn’t proper tech support.

        I could change my name, but I was trying to set it up so that readers of my books could find me, and we’d still have to get a new phone.

        It will probably sort itself out. They’ll do some upgrade somewhere that will put the problem right – I hope. As I never got to use it in the first place, I don’t miss it, and Twitter is pretty popular (and that works).

        Cheers! πŸ™‚

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