Books signed up for Read Tuesday (a Black Friday event just for books)

An update on the Read Tuesday catalog. I’ll continue working on it quite a bit over the next few days.


Give the gift of reading this holiday season.

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As you may have heard, Read Tuesday will be a one-day Black Friday type of sales event just for books. December 10, 2013 marks the date of the first ever Read Tuesday. Here is a big THANK YOU to all of the readers and authors who have already shown much support for Read Tuesday.

It’s now been three weeks since the Read Tuesday website launched. The books initially signed up for the Read Tuesday catalog can be viewed here here. (Note that he books that have added in the past week aren’t showing in the catalog yet, but will soon.)

Note that the catalog has recently been separated into four sub-catalogs. The layout has been consolidated to some extent. We’ll be working to continue to improve the Read Tuesday catalog in the coming days. Feel free to share any suggestions.


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