Eye Ess Bee Inn

Eye Ess Bee Inn

I love to shop for books by their ISBN.

No browsing, no keywords, no searching.

Find the book instantly with the ISBN.


Eye Ess Bee Inn

Eye Ess Bee Inn

It used to have ten digits, now it has thirteen.

It’s like a license plate for your book.

Identify your book by its ISBN.


Eye Ess Bee Inn

Eye Ess Bee Inn

Not sure how to spell the title or the author?

But need to find the book instantly?

There’s no need to worry: Use the ISBN.


Copyright Β© 2013 Chris McMullen


What kind of a fool would try to write a poem about an ISBN?

A song can have the most ridiculous lyrics, but be amazingly popular if it simply has a good beat.

I’m guessing the same isn’t true with poetry…

Just get the song “YMCA” stuck in your head, then give this poem another shot. πŸ™‚

(Yeah, okay, this poem doesn’t have a good beat, either… it’s just one of those days.)

14 comments on “ISBN Poem

  1. Clever, and the “Eye Ess Bee Inn” is the perfect name for a writer’s Inn, catering to people looking for solitude to write their novels. Sorry, my mind is wired like that, and I am already decorating the place πŸ™‚

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