You know you’re an author when…(HBC)

Just in case you don’t already know… 😉

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11550 You stand in line at Barnes & Noble to meet an author you have never even read a book by just to mention “I’m an author too.”

You check only blogs that mention someone selling books, hoping for a tidbit of information on how they are doing it.

You have had at least one serious relationship with a character from your books.

Your mind goes on auto pilot at all meetings and you begin seeing your characters as the other people in the room. Fizzle! Get down from there, this is the school board for goodness sake!

You identify with Poe for more than just his history of drinking.

You identify with Poe because of his history of drinking.

You feel guilty when you are on Facebook unless it directly relates to writing or promotion.

You don’t begrudge the other authors who are ahead of you on the lists any…

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