Per-Page Rate Back Up for June, 2016 (Kindle Unlimited)


Kindle Unlimited paid $0.004925 per page read, which is up 5% from May’s rate of $0.004686, almost back to April’s rate of $0.00495663.

The per-page rate has flip-flopped up and down 5% every month since March, but every month has been considerably higher than January’s rate of $0.00411.

The KDP Select Global Fund for June was $15.4M for June, 2016, slightly higher than May’s $15.3M.

To see the payout in other countries, see here:

What does all this mean?

  • The per-page rate has held fairly stable for half a year, between $0.0045 and $0.0050 per page.
  • The per-page rate has risen as high as 5% on multiple occasions. So while it occasionally dips as much as 5%, it rises almost as often.
  • There was a tendency for the per-page rate to dip initially, which also happened when Prime borrows were first introduced, and also happened when Kindle Unlimited was first introduced, but both of those programs stabilized after the first handful of months. It appears that Kindle Unlimited v2.0 has finally reached a point of stability.
  • Kindle Unlimited is thriving. Amazon is paying $15M per month in royalties just for pages read (and that’s on top of All-Star bonuses). The KDP Select Global Fund is still on the rise.
  • Since the Global Fund continues to rise, whereas the per-page rate appears to have stabilized, it looks like the Kindle Unlimited program continues to grow.

Write happy, be happy. :-)

Chris McMullen

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