Kindle Unlimited KENP Read for June, 2017

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The per-page rate for KENP pages read for Kindle Unlimited was $0.004223 in June, 2017.

It’s only a couple percent less than the rate for May, 2017, which was $0.00433, but it’s a continued drop from April, 2017’s rate of $0.00457.

On the other hand, the KDP Select Global Fund for June, 2017 was $18M, which is a slight increase over May’s fund of $17.9M.

I don’t just look at the per-page rate only. I look at both numbers, the per-page rate and the KDP Select Global Fund.

The per-page rate goes up and down. When it happens to go down two months in a row, or when it approaches its relative low, it’s easy to panic (and I usually read discussions, comments, and articles of authors who do). But it usually goes up and down. Enjoy the highs, survive the lows. Focus on your current and future writing projects, keep marketing, and let these tasks keep your mind off the per-page rate when it hits a valley.

But even when the per-page rate drops or hits a valley, the KDP Select Global Fund has very steadily risen. Amazon just paid out $18,000,000 in royalties for June, 2017, and that’s ONLY considering pages read through Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime for KDP Select books. That figure doesn’t include traditionally published books like Harry Potter that are included in Kindle Unlimited, it doesn’t include All-Star Bonuses (I have contacted KDP about this very issue), and it doesn’t include royalties for sales. This is a huge amount of royalties for KDP Select authors to receive collectively each month:  That rate reaches over $200M annually.

The steady growth of the KDP Select Global Fund shows me that Kindle Unlimited continues to thrive, that there is a huge active market here. And many of these customers are indeed reading KDP Select books.

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Chris McMullen

8 comments on “Kindle Unlimited KENP Read for June, 2017

  1. Just wanted to let ya know – I share your knowledge with my library’s Writer’s Program – Your Books available for loan (and yes, requested in for writers group to know about!) AND, THANK you for sharing your experience! Small Community, Small Writers Group, stressed member AND librarian trying to put ‘resources’ on radar for local writers – well, ya just help me do more, with the 24 hours I have a day – Thank you!

      • Really, to be honest, I’m just more of a person that says, “You want to do ‘this?” WELL, here’s someone who’s doing it – and shares the knowledge!” – LOL – I rather drop the ball on useful, editing feedback! LOL – For the love of all that is holy, recently had to educate myself on the ‘rules’ for sinesta (?sonesta?) poetry – so I knew what the reference spoken, referred to – ACK! Me!?! Non-poet? LOL – It is an interesting and educational journey, to say the least – 🙂

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