KDP Select Global Fund and Per-page Rate for April, 2018

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The Kindle Unlimited per-page rate increased slightly to $0.00456 for April, 2018 (compared to $0.00449 for March, 2018).

KENP read has been fairly stable in 2018, varying between $0.00448 (January) and $0.00466 (February) per normalized page read.

The KDP Select Global Fund continues to rise, reaching $21.2 million for April, 2018.

Write happy, be happy. 🙂

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Chris McMullen

13 comments on “KDP Select Global Fund and Per-page Rate for April, 2018

  1. Hi Chris,
    I’m not jumping with joy at the increase. I am of the opinion, that belonging to KDP Select and having your book listed with Kindle Unlimited is essentially being robbed. My best selling book I receive $1.05 as compared to $3.50 without Unlimited. Unless I’m mistaken, if we go with KDP Select we have no option, our books are automatically placed on Kindle Unlimited. If you opt out, then you lose the advantages of their algorithms marketing advantages. We lose both ways and Amazon wins. However what choice do we have, Amazon has the market for ebooks? BTW, thanks for keeping us informed and allowing me to complain.

    • It depends on the length of the book. Most of my books are fairly long and the KENPC is generous for me, so that if Kindle Unlimited customer reads the entire book, the royalty is often comparable to what I earn for a sale or better. But for an author who crafts a short masterpiece, the KENPC can result in an effective royalty that is much less than a sale.

      I don’t believe that Amazon’s algorithm explicitly favors KDP Select books. But I do believe there are strong indirect benefits to enrolling in KDP Select. For example, every Kindle Unlimited borrow helps with sales rank. A book that receives multiple borrows every day automatically sees improved visibility through that. Another indirect benefit is that many Kindle Unlimited subscribers use the Kindle Unlimited filter, so they don’t even see books outside of the program. For these and other reasons, many books thrive much better in the program than they would out of it, even without any explicit favoritism from Amazon’s algorithm.

      It is possible to go wide, rather than enrolling in KDP Select, but then you really need to make a strong marketing push and maximize the benefits of going wide to make up for what you may lose with Kindle. It’s not easy though.

      Things continually change in the publishing industry. When a change seems tough, I try not to get too frustrated, focus on my next book (which I always feel will become my best ever, which helps me stay positive, even if the last one didn’t take off well), and try to think of ways to make the most of the way things are. Good luck with your books.

      • I feel I have egg on my face after your reply to my remarks. I knew of the other advantages of KDP Select. As a novice writer, I look for advantages to get my name out there and to help promote my books. I tried going outside of Amazon, paid for reviews, book promotions, etc. Over eight months, I made one sale. I went back to KDP Select. I have found unless you are listed on the first two or three pages of your genre you get little assistance from Amazon. Sponsored Ads work as long as you are prominently placed. With the magnitude of indie writers, it’s a battle and us small fish have to fight to survive. I agree I try not to let all the negative influence the positive effects I get from writing. Thaks you.

      • That was a new expression for me; I enjoyed looking it up. 😉 Although I regret that your experience hasn’t been better, thank you for sharing it. I hope you will have better experiences to share in the future. Good luck.

  2. Thanks for Posting this. I just published my first book last month on Amazon and was curious as to how much I could expect from the KENP pages read. My books average 30 pages, so I get considerable less than if I had sold the book. But, would the book have sold if the person didn’t read it for free? Probably not, so I’ll take the pennies on the dollar over nothing.

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