No More Amazon Giveaways for Kindle eBooks?

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You can run an Amazon Giveaway for many new products at

Note: As of October, 2019, the Amazon Giveaway program has been canceled. However, Goodreads Giveaways are still available.

Basically, if you scroll down to the bottom of a product page and see an offer to run an Amazon Giveaway for that product, then that product is eligible.

Amazon Giveaways used to apply to Kindle eBooks.

However, for the past couple of days, I haven’t seen the option to run an Amazon Giveaway for a Kindle eBook at the bottom of product pages for Kindle eBooks.

I still see the option available for print books and other new products.

I checked the giveaway FAQ’s yesterday, and it still stated that you can run giveaways for Kindle eBooks. Yet I didn’t see the option to do so.

Well, I was able to host a giveaway for unclaimed prizes for a previous giveaway. I just couldn’t create a new giveaway for any Kindle eBooks.

UPDATE: There is a trick you can use to run a giveaway for a Kindle eBook, if you’ve ever run a giveaway for that same book in the past:

Has anyone else had a similar problem in the past couple of days?

There are a few alternatives:

  • Run an Amazon Giveaway for the print edition, if you have one.
  • Run an Amazon Giveaway for any eligible product. A gift card or popular product can help you generate interest or gain followers.
  • Run a Goodreads Giveaway for the Kindle eBook.

The Goodreads Giveaway option is interesting. At first it seems expensive, but if you give away 100 copies, the cost per book is reasonable.

Plus, you don’t have to pay for the Kindle eBooks: You just have to pay the setup fee. (However, if you choose a print book giveaway instead, then you do have to pay for author copies, shipping, and packaging in addition to the setup fee.)

With an Amazon Giveaway, you can give away just one book, which is an inexpensive way to help generate some interest. You can still do this with a paperback copy, even if the Kindle eBook option isn’t showing.

But if you want to give away a large number of copies, like 100 copies, as some authors do, then Goodreads is reasonably priced (especially if your list price is $2.99 or higher).

Maybe the option for Kindle eBooks will return soon. Or maybe there is a simple explanation for why it’s not showing to me presently. It’s too soon to jump to conclusions. But it’s always wise to pay attention and make plans for “just in case.”

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51 comments on “No More Amazon Giveaways for Kindle eBooks?

  1. I noticed that too. First reviews now this. My fan base loves Amazon but with these new wrinkles it’s time for a better option, rather, multiple options.

  2. Give away, only give. And very few people actually take. Perhaps some view that your book isn’t good enough or up to par if you are willing to put it out for free.

    • The way they present it is that we pay a setup fee, after which it makes sense to give away as many as possible (the limit is 100 ebooks). It would be nice if we could give away fewer books at a reduced cost. Still, so many publishers are using Goodreads Giveaways…

      • Yes, those mid-level and high-level (revenue-wise) authors can afford it. Those of us on the lower end of the spectrum, not so much. I mean, you have to pay a set-up fee, not to mention give away 100 copies. This really doesn’t help us at all.


      • If you enroll in KDP Select (which requires publishing the ebook exclusively with Amazon and makes your book available in Kindle Unlimited), you can schedule a free promo day (making your book free to everyone on that day). I’m not advising for or against it, just stating that it’s one option for giving a book away.

        If you don’t enroll in KDP Select, an ebook distributor like Smashwords may allow you to make your book temporarily free on a particular site (like Smashwords) or create discount codes to give out.

        If you know people in the same country as you whom you wish to give books to, Amazon has an option for gifting ebooks, or you can send the ebook directly or a PDF file.

        If you create a paperback edition of your book, you can arrange an Amazon Giveaway for it.

        If you want to pay a setup fee to give away books(ideally a large number, up to 100, to make it cost effective), Goodreads has this option.

        As for tips, it helps to promote your giveaway and search for websites or bloggers to help advertise your giveaway for free or at a low cost.

        Write content that people will crave to read, polish your work, make the cover and description effective, and learn free and low cost marketing strategies that are likely to work long term, then continue to write books, to have the best chance at success.

        Good luck.

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  5. Amazon has told me 3 times that Kindle ebooks are eligible for Giveaways, and 4 times I’ve told them the icon at the bottom of the page is no longer there on any ebook product pages I’ve looked at, including mine.

  6. After sending 4 emails to Amazon someone finally read one and realized that it wasn’t just my ebooks, but everyone’s. If you write them they will ask for your ASIN number and send a link to help you set up a giveaway. They are working on whatever is wrong to correct it. Sigh.

  7. Whatever the issue was, it’s been corrected. My ebook giveaway is working fine. However, I’m self-published through KDP, so I don’t know if that makes a difference or not….I don’t think it does, but with Amazon, who knows? I have noticed that a lot of my reviews have been removed though, not really happy about that.

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