Authors! Who is your greatest competition? Bet it’s you.

These are great points for authors to realize. Check it out.

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So you published a book and it did pretty well. Congratulations! That is amazing. Look at what you did! You have already surpassed thousands of others who said they were going to publish but never did anything with that dusty manuscript. Now that you have settled in to being a published author, have a marketing plan and can breathe again, what next?

Thoughts of doom. We all go through it. Why is this author so much more popular than I am? Surely it cannot be looks. Have you seen this guy/girl? Hairless chihuahuas are cuter. Is their book better than mine? Is my book too closely related to what they published? Should I take it down and edit it again? NO. Then it will be more like so and so’s book.

There comes a point when most of us authors sit and obsess. We obsess over facts, figures, sales, prices…

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