Beautiful Rainbow at Sunset in Texas (with Secondary)

Rainbow 3


This beautiful rainbow was formed over the I-10 about an hour east of El Paso, Texas. Since the rainbow ended right on the highway, it looked like we were driving toward a pot of gold. Unfortunately, I didn’t see any leprechauns. I did, hopefully, check my royalty reports (not while driving, of course!), but, alas, there was no pot of gold to be found. Evidently, the pot of gold was in the beauty of the rainbow itself. That was plenty, but you can always hope for more, right?

If you look closely, you can see the faint secondary rainbow beside the primary (look to the right of the primary in the photo above – look closely because it’s very faint), with the colors reversed. Of course, the sun is behind us (the next time you see a rainbow, look behind you and you will see that the sun is behind you when you view a rainbow).

Rainbow 1

Another great thing about this drive was that the speed limit was 80 mph. I had never seen it above 75 mph before. A couple of years ago, the speed limit on the main Texas highways was 70, and 65 at night. The old speed limit wasn’t consistent with the message that everything is big in Texas. It used to be frustrating to drive 75 mph through Arizona and New Mexico, then enter Texas (which is extremely long if you enter at El Paso and leave through Waskom) to drive at 70 mph – then if it gets dark, suddenly it was 65 mph.

Instead, this time it was exciting to see 80 mph in Texas. It’s nice to see the speed limit up from 65 at night in the largest continental state. It was also a little scary. Especially, around curves or in the rain, I was a bit under speed. I noticed a couple of cars pulled over, though. I couldn’t help but wonder why those drivers had not been content with this generous speed limit. I guess some people will never be happy…

Rainbow 2

Chris McMullen, self-published author of A Detailed Guide to Self-Publishing with Amazon

3 comments on “Beautiful Rainbow at Sunset in Texas (with Secondary)

  1. I have seen the secondary rainbows, even saw one almost round rainbow once on a mountain top when the sun was setting. I have never known the secondaries had the colors reversed, never noticed that, interesting.

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