A WordPress Wish to You

All you great WordPress bloggers out there:

If you haven’t already been Freshly Pressed,

I hope your chance comes soon. πŸ™‚

I see many very deserving posts everyday

(In my humble little opinion),

And enjoy reading them.

May you continue to make WordPress

A most wonderful blogging community.

18 comments on “A WordPress Wish to You

  1. When you were freshly pressed what happened? I was congratulated on being Freshly Pressed by a reader but as I didn’t receive any kind of email or notice I really didn’t give it much thought. Though I see no reason whatever that this person would lie (I knew her) and I did receive more likes then was usual for me at that time but not a tremendous amount. Some time later I found out the only way to know is to check something obscure on your Dashboard which I never did and by the time I thought to do so a lot of time had passed. So how do you know and is it ever too late to find out?

    • I received an email from WordPress letting me know that I would be Freshly Pressed. I’m not sure if they do this for everyone, or they only did it for me because my post originally didn’t have a picture and they wanted to give me a chance to add one. My poem was Freshly Pressed a few days after the original post. After it was Freshly Pressed, I found my poem by clicking the Freshly Pressed tab at the top of the screen (next to where it says Reader, Stats, and My Blogs).

      I received hundreds of views per day for about a week, with nearly 500 views on the second day, and this post was viewed daily for a few weeks. The post received 340 likes (whereas I often just get a few dozen) and added over a hundred follows. You can check it out here: https://chrismcmullen.wordpress.com/2013/08/21/once-upon-a-time/

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