Low Reader

Low Reader


Low Reader Pic


Driving through town in my bookmobile,

With pages of graffiti on the sides,

Telling my story for all to read.


Pump up the words!

Pump up the words!


Big display screen on the back window,

Flashing words in very large letters,

Helping to spread literacy.


How slow can you go?

How slow can you go?


Crawling through town at a snail’s pace,

So everyone can read my bookmobile,

Before the words pass out of sight.


Read all night long.

Read all night long.


The graffiti glows in the dark,

Allowing people to read anytime,

Lighting up the night with words.


Can’t get enough words!

Can’t get enough words!


(c) 2013 Chris McMullen

9 comments on “Low Reader

  1. I am thinking about a post I read recently asking if it would be acceptable to ride around in an ice cream truck peddling our books! LOL. (Would there be a market?)
    I do recall the bookmobiles because my grandparents lived in a small town without its own library and we all looked forward to bookmobile day! Cute nostalgic poem 🙂

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