Moody Sales

Moody PicAh, the beginning of the month;

Such a pleasant time for sales.

You can hear the buzz of customers

And the chirruping of registers.


Nothing tops the rush hour,

When sales are just ecstatic.

The lines are seemingly endless,

The products quickly vanish.


But then it slows down so much;

Sales shed tears from their sadness.

Where did everybody go?

Why have you all abandoned us?


Sales always wonder if the end has come

During extensive periods of loneliness.

Is that the end of life as they know it?

Will they never feel energized again?


When sales rebound, they jump for joy;

Happier than ever, they smile quite broadly.

They knew the buyers would return.

The experience is so rejuvenating.


Then that time of the month comes;

Inevitable, yet sales dread it so.

Those few days where sales are dismal.

You can count on it like clockwork.


Copyright (c) 2013 Chris McMullen

5 comments on “Moody Sales

  1. I hate that time of month. One of the most bizarre events though is when you have a single late month day where your sales skyrocket. Then they drop again, leaving you wondering what in the world just happened.

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