What would you like to see on our Read Tuesday website?

Read Tuesday

As it may help anyone who participates on Read Tuesday, I would like you to think of the Read Tuesday website as our website, rather than my website. So I encourage your suggestions, comments, ideas, concerns, feedback, etc. 🙂

Reminder: The Read Tuesday concept is our effort to provide readers with a Black Friday or Cyber Monday type of sales event specifically for books. You can learn more about it through the link below.


I’ll list some of my thoughts here, and invite you to add yours in the comments section.

  • The Read Tuesday banner, once it is ready.
  • A description of the Read Tuesday concept.
  • A separate list of quotes from authors and readers who are looking forward to the event. If you’d like to contribute, all you need to do is give me your quote, whether you’re speaking as an author or reader, how you’d like your name or nickname to appear, what I should put for your location (or leave blank, if you wish), and if you would like me to include, say, your author website. You can contact me by email from my about me page, or leave a comment (whatever you prefer). I intend to sprinkle some throughout the website, and have one page dedicated to it if there are enough.
  • A Like button for Facebook, a Follow button for Twitter, etc. once those pages are setup.
  • A page with information for readers and a page with information for prospective authors.
  • Contact info.

Can you think of other content? What other kinds of images? Other types of pages?

If you have any requests for the style or structure of the website, those suggestions are encouraged, too.

I could try to make a page of participating authors, with names and maybe photos. But if the list gets really long…

I could also try to make a catalog of participating books (perhaps not to be released until closer to the event date). But again, if it gets very long… If anyone can think of a way to make it very easy to add and update, please turn on the lights. 🙂

Of course, all authors can promote their own books through the Read Tuesday event by mentioning their own books while simultaneously spreading word of the program. Similarly, authors can get together in groups (by subgenre, for example, but not necessarily) and make sub-catalogs, featuring their books that will be in the program. Such smaller catalogs could prove more beneficial than a master catalog.

12 comments on “What would you like to see on our Read Tuesday website?

  1. Personally, I like the idea of promoting e-books as gifts. To that end, I’d like to write a quick guide on how to gift an e-book for people who aren’t familiar with how e-readers work.

    I know, it sounds dreadfully obvious to all of us, but my experience talking to people about e-books is that even people who are familiar with on-line shopping often have no idea that Amazon (and B&N, too, I think) allows customers to send content directly to another’s Kindle.

    For example, I can point out that it’s a no-risk proposition, since the recipient has the option to exchange the book for Amazon credit of equal value. Also, as I mentioned before, e-books have no shipping cost and don’t need to be wrapped.

    I think there’s an untapped market here. I could write a short column about it for the website and we could work on sharing the link, then when someone realizes that gifting an e-book is perfect for the family nerd, well, here’s a whole page of books broken down by genre that are going to be on sale soon…

  2. I, for one, don’t agree with a catalog, since it would be hard or impossible to keep up with in the future, and too much work for Chris or the other admins. I think individual authors should promote themselves under the umbrella of ‘Red/Read Tuesday’ using unified icons/banners/like buttons/hashtags/blog posts etc.

  3. I’m so excited about this. I don’t know what I can do to help, but you can be sure I am following closely. Giving books for gifts has always been a ‘What can I get’ solution for me and this will make it much easier.

    • Thank you for offering support. 🙂 The gift idea should be a valuable part of this. One way to help for now is to share ideas if you get them; participation on Read Tuesday will be a big help.

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