What’s the Best Way to Collect Data for Read Tuesday?

Read Tuesday

If you want to learn more about Read Tuesday – a book sales event like Black Friday or Cyber Monday – click on the link below.


It would be convenient to collect some data for Read Tuesday, such as:

  • Separate lists of authors, small publishers, and bookstores who will be participating in the program organized by subgenre.
  • A catalog of participating books organized by subgenre. (We might want to not release this until closer to the event date.)
  • Email lists or newsletters for interested authors or customers.

So the question is: What’s a simple, efficient way to collect this information? Keep in mind that some of the information may be continuously trickling in for a couple of months, so we’ll want the option to periodically update the catalogs with what we have at any given time. (I guess I could make a new survey every week to accomplish this.)

Would something like Survey Monkey be adequate for this? Has anyone used Survey Monkey to create a survey? Do you have an alternative to suggest? Maybe it doesn’t have to be a “survey,” but could be some kind of form to fill out. Can you think of some other popular, friendly website that would accomplish this.

WordPress has poll and feedback features, but it doesn’t look like it quite meets the criteria. However, if you’ve used these features and believe that they may be a good fit, please share your experience.

What I’d like is something that will store the data until we want to download it, where the data table will come in a simple format like Excel or CSV. It also needs to be easy and friendly for people to enter the information, so a site that people will trust or won’t have to sign up for a special account would be convenient.

Ideas are welcome and encouraged. 🙂

Chris McMullen

7 comments on “What’s the Best Way to Collect Data for Read Tuesday?

  1. The easier the better! I’m still intimidated sometimes depending on what form I have to fill in on line – especially when there is no live person across the table from you to give help.

  2. I have not used it from the collecting side, but I have entered a lot of data that others were collecting into various Google Docs forms, and from what I understand, they got a spreadsheet on the receiving end. Not 100% sure.

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