Sign-Up Forms for the Read Tuesday Catalog—Now Available

It's going to be HUGE!

It’s going to be HUGE!

Enrollment forms are now available to add books or authors to the Read Tuesday catalogs. If you are an author or small publisher who would like to participate in the event, click on the links below to open and complete the sign-up forms. The first form is to enroll books, while the second is to enroll authors. You don’t need to sign up to participate in Read Tuesday, but you do need to enroll to get into the catalogs. Signing up also helps to show your support for the event.

These are Google Docs forms. Simply click on the link, complete the form (a few questions are optional), and press the submit button. It’s that easy.

If you have more than one book, after you complete the form for one participating book, you’re welcome to reopen the form and submit other books that will be participating on Read Tuesday. (But, of course, only add books that you have the rights to include in the catalog.)

Link to enroll books in the catalog:

Link to enroll authors in the catalog:

If you encounter any issues with the forms, please let me know.

Learn more about Read Tuesday by clicking the link below:

Read Tuesday: It’s going to be HUGE!

Give the gift of reading this holiday season.

The official Read Tuesday website:

Chris McMullen, author of A Detailed Guide to Self-Publishing with Amazon and Other Online Booksellers, Vol. 1 (formatting/publishing) and Vol. 2 (packaging/marketing)

3 comments on “Sign-Up Forms for the Read Tuesday Catalog—Now Available

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    Black Friday and Cyber Monday beware of the READ TUESDAY competition in book sales! Can’t wait. This is going to be great! If you are an author, small publisher, or even an avid reader this is the opportunity you have been waiting for. Follow blog or join for more information update as READ TUESDAY (December 10th) draws near.

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