Need Help with Read Tuesday News Story

I wrote a news story about Read Tuesday, with hopes to get the article some visibility.

I don’t want to post the draft here, for the benefit of whatever news agency or site may be willing to publish it—i.e. they can be the first to reveal it. However, I will try to briefly describe what this story does. If and when it gets posted somewhere, I’ll provide a link so you can check it out. (Maybe there will be more than one kind of story.)

First, it explains what Read Tuesday is. I emphasized how it will help to spread literacy and reading, which I believe is a good cause. Next, I describe how it’s a coordinated effort among indie authors, made possible by the fact that indies control their prices. I think the fact that it’s not driven by big business, but is unity among indies from around the world, is newsworthy. Finally, I briefly outlined the problem with Black Friday and Cyber Monday in regards to books, explaining how Read Tuesday creates a special sale for book lovers.

I could use a little help. For example, it would be nice to have a few quotes about the event. Some of you have expressed your sentiments about Read Tuesday on your blog, as comments here, and elsewhere. If there is a remark that you wouldn’t mind being included in the news story (and I’ll mention your name and briefly your qualifications, e.g. indie author of Your Book—I’ll let you decide how you’d like this to appear), please let me know. I think the news will be better if it reflects more than just one person’s opinion (i.e. mine).

If you have any ideas that I might consider regarding this news story, please feel free to share them.

Feel free to write your own news story. If you get it published somewhere, this could be nice exposure for you (with your name, Author of Your Book, at the bottom).

Chris McMullen, author of A Detailed Guide to Self-Publishing with Amazon and Other Online Booksellers, Vol. 1 (formatting/publishing) and Vol. 2 (packaging/marketing)

3 comments on “Need Help with Read Tuesday News Story

  1. The quotes are a great idea for the article. The description you gave seems to cover everything. What about mentioning how the indie author community is closely knit. There’s a popular statement, “The success for one indie author is a success for all of us.”

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