Temporary Fixes to a Couple of the New WordPress Reader Problems

Band Aids

Update: WordPress staff have since added a word count at the end of the sample in the Reader. If you click on the word count at the end of the sample, it will take you directly to the blogger’s website, rather than opening the post in the Reader.

What’s the advantage of doing this? That way, you won’t have to click twice to read one post. Some bloggers allow you to read the full post in the Reader, others set it so that you can only read part of the post in the Reader. In the latter case, if you click once to open the post in the Reader, you’ll need to click a second time to visit the blog and read the rest of the post.

So just clicking the word count to visit the post on the blog, rather than in the Reader, saves a click. If you have hundreds of posts in your Reader, this can save a lot of extra clicking.

(This post originally had a suggestion for allowing readers to go straight to the post on your blog from the Reader, but now that WordPress has added the word count link at the end of the sample in the Reader, that work-around is no longer necessary.)

25 comments on “Temporary Fixes to a Couple of the New WordPress Reader Problems

    • It’s a shame that this requires so many extra clicks (first open the Reader, then click to leave the Reader, then you have to close the Reader pop-up window in addition to closing the new browser window). The idea of the link up front is to let readers click straight to the site and eliminate a couple of the middlemen. 🙂

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  2. Hi Chris,

    I stumbled across this article again while trawling the web for something else and thought I’d better point out that the link to the page on my blog will be broken because I have removed the page. I had a massive problem a few months ago with people (mostly facebook users) stealing photos from my site so I had to take it down, watermark and downsize 2000 images and then re-publish the pages. Sadly I only had time to do the Land Rover related content so everything else got binned.

    I see that WordPress still have not resolved the issues we raised in that long forum debate, so much for them listening! However I now access all the posts from the reader using the time or the wordcount links which was their workaround.



    • Thank you for the update, Ian. I’ll go in and update this post now. Yes, that word count at the end of the sample in the reader is helpful.

      You have an amazing site! It’s a shame about the photo stealing.



      • Thank you. I have created a private members area on my site to house all the full size high quality pictures and lots of extras too in order to compensate my regular readers for the loss of items on the public site. The problem, as I’m sure you are aware, is that maintaining the blog itself is time consuming and having to maintain two sites is even more taxing.

        It is such a shame that a growing percentage of internet users think that they have the right to pilfer whatever they like. I have even come across several websites recently that have not only stolen an image from me but their entire website, every picture and every word of text has been stolen from other sites including large chunks of text literally copied from wiki!. These pretend to be genuine enthusiasts but in their sites cointain no original material so I assume they are simply setting the sites up to earn advertising revenue. My site doesn’t have advertising but every one of these fake sites is plastered in adverts.

        I must have a good read through your site as I am contemplating writing a book 🙂



      • Unfortunately, we have those plagiarism, book copying, and pirating issues when publishing books, too. Good luck with your book if you go ahead with it.

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