A Chance for Indies to Show Them



What can indie authors do?

We have a chance to show what we can do.


With every book we publish, we show our individual talents.

When we band together, we display the power of teamwork.


Not all indies are participating in Read Tuesday,

Though all are welcome and joining is free and easy.


Yet Read Tuesday, a Black Friday event for book lovers on December 10,

Has a chance to show what indies can do when we unite.


It’s not just a great day to buy books at great savings,

To spread the joy of reading and promote literacy.


It’s something more; an opportunity for indies to do something grand,

To promote an event worthy of its own day.


Department stores created Black Friday and Cyber Monday,

But indies have come together to produce Read Tuesday.


Readers have a chance to demonstrate their support for all good books,

Not just those books with a particular stamp on their covers.


Read Tuesday won’t be like any other Tuesday;

It will be a Tuesday with many opportunities.


Book lovers can find great discounts on books,

Authors can find a free resource to help promote their books.


May you have a wonderful Read Tuesday. 🙂

Love books? Check out Read Tuesday, a Black Friday event just for books (all authors can sign up for free): website, Facebook page, Twitter


Chris McMullen, author of A Detailed Guide to Self-Publishing with Amazon and Other Online Booksellers, Volume 1 (formatting/publishing) and Volume 2 (packaging/marketing), Facebook page, Twitter

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