Improve Your Math Fluency

Improve Your Math Fluency


I wish to write some posts about math or science concepts, yet I wish to separate them from my self-publishing posts.

Therefore, I now have a new math blog at

Don’t worry: I will definitely keep this self-publishing blog active, and will continue to post about self-publishing topics, as usual.

If you have any interest in math, please consider checking out my new math blog.

Whereas I have 49,000 views and 3,000 followers (wow—thank you all very much for your support) at my self-publishing blog, I presently have 36 views, 1 follower (myself!), and 0 views at my math blog. (Don’t follow yourself? You should! That way, you can check out what your own posts look like in WordPress’s Reader. Very helpful.)

As you can see, my new math blog is feeling somewhat lonely. It would appreciate any form of a welcome at all.

But, if you’re not interested in math, I don’t expect you to run over there. 🙂 Hopefully, though, you’ll continue following my self-publishing blog right here.

It’s not quite a new math blog. I originally had it at Blogger, until Blogger’s reader was phased out.

My experience at WordPress has been amazing (thank you, everyone, for your hand in this), so it seemed quite natural to move my math blog over here.

By the way, artist Melissa Stevens designed the header for my math blog.

Chris McMullen

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