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Every week, I receive several questions from authors about publishing and marketing.

One of the most common requests is recommendations for book covers.

I designed all of my own covers until I met Melissa Stevens. She can pull off some amazing effects that I can’t, and she is very knowledgeable about PhotoShop and cover design. Melissa has designed my recent covers.

But hiring an illustrator for a custom cover isn’t easy. First, you have to find a capable illustrator who meets your budget.

A more affordable option is to browse for ready-made covers. But it’s not easy to find the right cover pre-made.

And in either case, you want assurances about quality and you want to make sure you have the rights to use the images as you intend.

So what many authors search for are recommendations from other authors.

There is only one designer who I have firsthand experience with. Yet I would like to help authors explore options in multiple price ranges.

YOU can help with that. If you’ve ever hired an artist to design a cover, or if you’ve ever purchased a pre-made cover, and if you found the result worth recommending, PLEASE take a moment and recommend that artist, website, or service in the comments section. Other authors will appreciate the time you took.

In addition to providing a link, please also explain what you liked about the cover, artist, or service, or why you’re recommending it. This will be even more helpful.

(But please don’t self-promote in the comments section. Recommend a service or artist with which you are not affiliated.)

Thank you. πŸ™‚


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Write happy, be happy. πŸ™‚

Chris McMullen

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26 comments on “Recommendations for Book Covers

  1. Definitely one of the hardest parts of self-publishing. I was really lucky that I had a talented artist in the family who was willing to help. Somebody did suggest a sight called ’99 Designs’, which is where I got the Ichabod Brooks cover. It’s a couple hundred for the smallest package, but it worked out for me. Probably depends on the quality of artists that you get in your contest.

  2. Covers are so important. Being that first opportunity to greet the potential customer, the cover has to look great. So many new authors don’t realise this. Great post, Chris.

  3. So far I’ve made my own covers, and I am working on updating all of them. I got some very good advise from Joel Freidlander Each month he posts a collection of covers people have submitted. He evaluates them and gives his opinion. He then publishes the whole collection on It’s super helpful to look at what other people are doing, and what he has to say.

    The most important thing is that Joel is the real deal. He’s not some hack. He’s been in the business for over forty years, but he’s constantly kept up to date. In other words, he’s a vetted authority on all things book design. He won’t design a cover for you, but he’ll provide valuable insight about what works.

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