Amazon Bundles of Kindle Series: Noticed This?



Amazon appears to be bundling some Kindle series now.

Please thank sword and sorcery fantasy author Charles E. Yallowitz for mentioning this, and for letting me use the image for this post.

If you want to check out how this looks at Amazon, you can see it in action with Charles E. Yallowitz’s Legends of Windemere series:

Legends of Windemere

(By the way, I’m a big fan of the storytelling and characterization of this series.)

Here is how it works:

  • On books 1-5, below the Amazon description, there is a heading called Books In This Series (5 Books), with thumbnails below the heading.
  • The left thumbnail shows 3 of the books. It’s called the Complete Series.
  • To its right, each volume is shown separately, numbered clearly 1 thru 5.
  • The price of the complete series appears to be exactly the same as buying each volume individually.
  • It’s automatic, if you complete the series info at KDP. However, not every series is showing like this. It may depend on how many volumes you have in the series or other factors.

It’s not perfect yet.

Here are a few issues that I see:

  • Where are the savings? Customers don’t appear to save 1 penny by buying the whole series.
  • Missing volumes. Charles actually has 7 volumes in this series, but only the first 5 are showing.

But there are benefits:

  • Finally, it’s easy to find the volumes of a series. As a customer who reads sci-fi and fantasy series, I have firsthand experience struggling to find all the volumes of a series and read them in order.
  • It looks cool.

This is new. So maybe it isn’t perfected yet.

Maybe Amazon will offer KDP authors the opportunity to offer the series bundle with incentive pricing.

That would be nice:

  • We wouldn’t need to create a separate omnibus edition.
  • If purchasing the bundle impacts the sales ranks of each volume individual (to be determined), this would be an improvement over the omnibus.

Have you seen this bundle yet?

What do you think about it?

Write happy, be happy. 🙂

Chris McMullen

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A Glitch in the New Kindle Series Changes?


Kindle is in the process of changing the way that Kindle series books are displayed in search results, as I recently posted (click here if you missed it). Basically, search results will look like:

Book Title: Subtitle (Series Title Book Number)

For example, a search result might look like:

It Wasn’t the Butler (Guess Whodunit Book 2)

I recently came across an interesting question about this on the Kindle community forum:

It’s a good question: What happens with prequels, novellas, and short stories that relate to the series?

Authors want to include the series title to help readers find all the books that relate to a series, but authors don’t want to include volume numbers for prequels, novellas, and short stories.

If it’s not really a volume of the series, that volume number may be misleading—especially for a novella or short story, where it’s not another “book” of the series.

Presently, a series title and volume number are required on series books.

Maybe a prequel could be book 0 or i, but will Kindle allow these numbers? Good question!

Many authors use short stories and novellas to hook readers on a series. You don’t want those to be numbered volumes, but do want to make it clear that it’s part of the series so that if the reader enjoys the book, it’s easy to find the series (or to help someone who has read the series find the supplemental content).

I hope Kindle will have a good solution to this problem.

Chris McMullen, Author of A Detailed Guide to Self-Publishing with Amazon and Other Online Booksellers

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