Authors, What Are Your Writing Superstitions?

I’m very curious about this.

If you’re a writer and you have any superstitions, quirks, or rituals that relate to writing, please take a moment to share them.

Or if you know a writer with such habits, please share them.

Let me suggest a few examples for you to consider while think about this:

  • Do you check every chapter to make sure that it doesn’t have 13 pages?
  • Do you refuse to wash your underwear until the book is finished? (Well, that might explain why writing tends to be such a solitary experience…)
  • Do you read your horoscope before you decide to write that day?
  • Do you use a Ouija board to help get book ideas?
  • Do you insist on ending every book on page 451 (hoping that sales will be ‘on fire,’ in degrees Fahrenheit)?
  • Do you walk precisely one mile on the treadmill for every page you write?

Well, then, what do you do?

17 comments on “Authors, What Are Your Writing Superstitions?

    • Thank you for stopping by and considering the superstitions. 🙂 (If only we lived in the future where our thoughts could be read by the computer. That sure will speed up the writing process…)

      • Well actually there is research going on for microchips to be inserted into humans – one is for cell phone communication & the other so your health can be monitored by your doctor. So maybe not so far away!

  1. I wish I could walk one mile for every page I write! Hahaha…I would settle for a mile a day for every day I write. My only superstition has to do with watching sales of previously published material. I find when I look every day, nothing seems to happen, but if I go for a week or two, or more, i come back pleasantly surprised. ( I could never be Charles. LOL)

  2. I’m not sure it’s a superstition, but I have trouble with 3rd chapters. I don’t know why I have trouble getting through any chapter with a multiple of 3. It’s gotten to the point where I get nervous whenever I get near them. Case in point, it’s taking me over a week to edit the third chapter of my 4th book and it’s shorter than the previous chapters. No idea why.

  3. I try not to read fiction while writing fiction. Unwanted influences have a way of creeping in, like unconsciously adopting a foreign accent when you’re hanging around people who have them.

  4. I don’t know that I have any superstitions, but i definitely have habits. My biggest one is only writing on days when I know there’s going to be no one at my house and I have no errands to run for at LEAST 4 hours. I tend to read what I write aloud a lot, and I feel extremely self conscious when it comes to my family being in hearing-distance during my creative process. I don’t necessarily think they’ll laugh or make fun of me, but I just… don’t want their opinions. Any opinions. No. Bad. And as far as having nothing else to do that day… it’s this weird mindset I have that if I don’t have the entire day to write, then my day is “gone”. It feels like my attention is elsewhere and my writing is going to suffer because I can’t sink into the fictional world as thoroughly. It’s completely unfounded and makes no sense, but that’s how I work.

      • Agreed. If i know for instance, that my daughter’s going to be home from school in the next 15 minutes, I usually give up and get ready to make dinner.. cause I know I’m not going to get any work done while I wait for her, and certainly not after she’s home. Unfortunately, sometimes that turns into a really convenient excuse to procrastinate too.

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