Improving Cat Literacy Video on YouTube

Just what the internet needs: Another cat video!

We have a new kitten named Blondie. I helped her “read” one of my books.

(The hissing noise in the background is a pressure cooker.)

This is my first ever YouTube video. I made it with Read Tuesday in mind.

Read Tuesday is a great way to help improve literacy: Gift a book to a kid.

So how about cat literacy? Why not?

If you haven’t already heard about Read Tuesday, you should check it out.

Read Tuesday will be a big event like Black Friday, but just for books.

It’s going to be HUGE!

Give the gift of reading this holiday season.

Chris McMullen

8 comments on “Improving Cat Literacy Video on YouTube

    • She likes to sit on my desk and paw at the cursor, and she likes to lie on top of the mouse. She even managed to make a photocopy with the printer. I guess she’s my new secretary. 🙂

  1. I love how she attacks the pages near the end of the video. I think the internet needs more cute cat videos – they make people smile! (And you got your book in there too – great!) 🙂

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