Cat Glossary

Cat Bag


the art of hiding under the bed behind the bed skirt, clawing at unsuspecting passing feet.


because man is clearly not the animal best-suited to the art of management.


an elephant-sized personality packed into a miniature feline.


the reason that cats need eight extra lives.


you think the cat is scratching the door because she wants to go outside, until she scratches the other side of the door, in which case you think she has changed her mind and now wants to come back inside; but what she really wants is to lie down right smack in the middle of the doorway, which obviously is the best side of the door to be on (or, rather, in).


this is your kitten’s brain on catnip.


no news is too dangerous for a cat to abandon its present occupation, scramble through the feet of beasts twenty times its size, and be first on the scene.


the way to find a kitten is to walk into each room of the house, say her name, and listen carefully for the tell-tale purr.


getting stuck in, and rescued from, the same tree three consecutive days.


fools who think they are becoming cat owners.

Cat Muse

Cat Desk

The experience of writing has become even more interesting in a new way since we got our new kitten.

Just imagine a cat jumping onto the back of your desk chair, sitting behind your neck, while you’re typing a paragraph.

Or leaping onto your desk, planting herself right in front of the monitor, and swatting your cursor with her paw.

Or deciding that it would be cozy to take a nap on top of your mousepad, mouse, and hand.

In many ways, she provides inspiration like young children do.

She is energetic, highly curious, playful, and cute.

Cat Desk 2 (640x360)

Chris McMullen

Have you heard about Read Tuesday? It’s a Black Friday type of event, but specially for books.

Improving Cat Literacy Video on YouTube

Just what the internet needs: Another cat video!

We have a new kitten named Blondie. I helped her “read” one of my books.

(The hissing noise in the background is a pressure cooker.)

This is my first ever YouTube video. I made it with Read Tuesday in mind.

Read Tuesday is a great way to help improve literacy: Gift a book to a kid.

So how about cat literacy? Why not?

If you haven’t already heard about Read Tuesday, you should check it out.

Read Tuesday will be a big event like Black Friday, but just for books.

It’s going to be HUGE!

Give the gift of reading this holiday season.

Chris McMullen