Which Part of Publishing Do You Enjoy Most?


Here are some choices to consider:

  • That magical feeling when you get a book idea that seems like it could be the one. What a thrill!
  • When you’re on a roll with your writing, the ideas are just sliding off your fingertips, and the manuscript feels like an extension of yourself. Go, go, go.
  • You’re stuck on the storyline and you suddenly experience an epiphany. Aha!
  • A stranger offers free help or advice when you’re incredibly stressed over some formatting or other publishing issue. Thank you!
  • You press the magic button to publish your book. Presto!
  • The first time you see your book in print. Treasure it.
  • A fan asks you to autograph your book. So cool!
  • Someone you don’t know leaves a good review. Validation.
  • You meet a stranger who not only recognizes you as an author, but thanks you for writing your book. Prepare for tears.
  • One of those milestone moments: X sales, $Y royalties, Z sales rank. Pinch me.
  • When a fan asks you when your next book is coming out. You’re in demand.
  • Just the creative process itself. This lasts much longer, too.

The bottom line is that there is much to enjoy about publishing. So when editing, formatting, writer’s block, reviews, sales, or anything else gets you down, stop focusing on that little aspect and remember several good reasons to enjoy the book you’ve published. 🙂

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Curious (A Five-Year Old’s Questions about the Heart)


Daughter (5): What would happen if the heart stopped?

Me: That’s called a heart attack. You don’t want that.

D: Why not?

M: You need your heart to work.

D: Why?

M: It needs to pump blood.

D: Why?

M: Your body needs to circulate blood.

D: Do your toes need blood?

M: Yes.

D: What is blood made of?

M: Blood cells.

D: What are blood cells made of?

M: Different kinds of molecules.

D: What are molecules made of?

M: Different kinds of atoms.

D: What are atoms made of?

M: Protons, neutrons, and electrons.

D: What are protons made of?

M: Quarks.

D: What are neutrons made of?

M: Quarks.

D: What are electrons made of?

M: Nothing makes them up. They’re elementary.

D: What are quarks made of?

M: Nothing.

D: So blood is made of quarks and electrons. You have to get to the end to find out what it’s made of.

A child’s curiosity and energy can be rejuvenating. Try to feel rejuvenated and have a wonderful day. 🙂

What Do You Do When It’s Freezing Cold? (Riddle)

Polar Vortex

Misproject font by Misprinted Type (fontsquirrel.com and misprintedtype.com)

It has four letters, but it’s not a bad word.

It can get your mind off the weather and take you to another world.

It’s something to do all by yourself.

It’s fun for ages zero thru infinity.

It (probably) doesn’t require transportation.

It’s an activity that more people should do more often.

It’s about to be spoiled, so if you don’t want the answer yet, don’t look down.

It’s read and you should do it today. 🙂

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