International Kindle Prices & the 70% Royalty

International Prices

When you publish an e-book with Kindle, you must set your price for the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, Europe, India, Mexico, Brazil, and Japan.

Most authors will focus on the price in one or two countries, usually the United States and Great Britain, and not put much thought into the others.

At first, this makes sense. For one, most authors sell very few e-books in countries where English isn’t the dominant language; for another, most authors who publish with Kindle are much less familiar with the other currencies and markets.

There is an EASY button: Just let KDP automatically determine the price in each country.

However, a little refinement may be worthwhile.


For example, if the suggested Great Britain pricing is £1.83, your e-book won’t be eligible for a Countdown Deal in the United Kingdom. If you’re enrolled in KDP Select and considering use of this tool, you should set your Great Britain price to at least £1.93.

As another example, suppose the suggested price for India is ₹423. If your e-book is enrolled in KDP Select and qualifies for the 70% royalty rate, you could draw a higher royalty by reducing the price to ₹399. In India, the maximum list price for a 70% royalty is ₹399 (but note that the rate is 35% in India, regardless of the list price, for e-books that are not enrolled in KDP Select).

The chart above shows the minimum and maximum list prices by country for the 70% royalty option. The asterisk (*) designates countries where 70% is only available through KDP Select enrollment (India, Brazil, Japan, Mexico). (This is a relatively minor benefit of KDP Select. It’s not compelling to make you switch to KDP Select, but if you’re in KDP Select for other reasons, you might as well take advantage of it.)

Another reason to consider refining your price is to change the ending. Suppose the suggested price in Japan is ¥673. You might raise it to ¥695 or ¥699, for example. (Or you might check out the sale price of your e-book in other countries after adding Value-Added Tax, VAT, and reset your price based on the actual selling price.)

Here is a link to the KDP pricing page:

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3 comments on “International Kindle Prices & the 70% Royalty

  1. I completely agree. I do wonder about some of the prices in other countries, but I know about others. For example, I don’t have a clue when it comes to Japan, but I do know that they like the number 8. Mexico may seem like the prices are very high, but they are not…you need to realize that a mexican dollar is like a penny to us…it is pretty worthless. So yes, if you are unsure, let KDP decide. It’s better to have your book available than not, for you never know. I think that the more opportunities you allow for your books to be available, the better.

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