Kindle Unlimited in the UK



Amazon just launched Kindle Unlimited in the UK (for the website).

Now UK customers can subscribe to Kindle Unlimited for £7.99 per month (with a free 30-day trial period).

This allows UK subscribers access to unlimited reading of over 650,000 titles and thousands of audiobooks. This includes all KDP Select titles selling in the UK, plus about 100,000 other titles, such as Harry Potter.

The KDP Select Global Fund for September is presently $3 million. In both July and August, more than $2 million was added to the projected KDP Select Global Fund each month to bring the KOLL payment up to $1.81 and $1.54, respectively, per book read to 10% through Kindle Unlimited.

The introduction of Kindle Unlimited to the UK will increase the borrows for September somewhat, though with only a week remaining in September, this effect will be somewhat limited.

Many KDP Select books will see a surge in borrows in the UK for September and October.

Chris McMullen

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