Let’s Scare up Some Sales

Halloween Scrambles Title Page


A few weeks ago, I asked authors if they had any scary, spooky, or Halloween-related books.

I received several inquiries, but thus far only one author has responded with all the info I need.

Since it’s easier to promote a group of similar books than to self-promote a single book, my aim is to do a little promotion with some scary books. Any (positive) exposure helps, right?

If you’re an author of a scary book, if you’re interested in a little (free!) publicity, use the Contact Me form on my blog. Here is what I need:

  • The title of your book (and your author name, of course).
  • The ASIN of the Kindle edition (preferred).
  • Very, very brief text, like 2 short sentences. Just enough to create interest and make someone click on it and go to Amazon to read your full blurb. Not a summary, not a full blurb, just 2 lines to stir interest. (I can just take the first 2 sentence of your blurb and end with dot dot dot, if you wish.)
  • Are you planning any promotions between now and Halloween? If so, please include the dates and sale prices (and where your book will be on sale). If I can time my promotions with your sale, I will.

Chris McMullen

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11 comments on “Let’s Scare up Some Sales

  1. Reblogged this on Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog….. An Author Promotions Enterprise! and commented:
    AUTHORS – Always – ALWAYS – Read Submission Requirements and tick each off the list as you add them to your submission emails.
    This applies every time you submit anything to blogs, competitions, magazines and ESPECIALLY Publishers (Advisory Rant Finished LOL)
    Now head on over the Chris McMullen’s blog and get your stuff to him 😀
    Click on the View Original found at the bottom left of this reblogged post 😀

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