Thank You, Thunderclap Supporters

Congratulations to Charles for reaching his Thunderclap goal. In this post, he not only shares his experience with the promotion, but offers several valuable tips. Thanks to everyone who supported his promotion.

Legends of Windemere

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Now that I’m fed and have gone on-line, I can talk about my experience with Thunderclap.  I got 102 supporters and it went live at noon.  So you can imagine the boost in sales I got for my books:

Well, you’re going to have to imagine it because nothing happened.  Wait!  Don’t go running away just yet.  There are benefits to this experience even if sales didn’t occur.  As an indie author, you have to think outside the box.  Did anything beneficial happen from this experience?  Yes and I’ll get to it after I make a few points:

Thunderclap Observations

  1. My highest joining days were the first 24 hours and the last 24 hours.  It seems you’ll get your trusted allies at the start and then you’ll have people step in to save the day at the final hour.
  2. A LOT of people retweeted, reblogged, or shared…

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