Infinite Feedback Loop in PhotoShop

Infinite Loop 4

Infinity and background images from ShutterStock.



In photography, you can display a camera’s image on a monitor and point the camera at the monitor to create an infinite feedback loop.

Image from ShutterStock.

Image from ShutterStock.

There is a simple way to create this effect in PhotoShop.

Let me illustrate this by showing how I created the image for this post.

I began with a simple image in PhotoShop, consisting of a background image, a foreground image, a tablet, and a line of text.

Images from ShutterStock.

Images from ShutterStock.

I saved this as a PhotoShop file in PSD format and then created a PNG image of it as well.

Next, I opened the PNG file and resized it to match the screen size of the tablet.

In my version of PhotoShop (I have the Creative Cloud), I used Select > All and Edit > Copy to copy the image, and then I switched windows to my PSD file. I used Edit > Paste to insert the PNG image into the PSD file, and positioned it to fit on the screen.

Images from ShutterStock.

Images from ShutterStock.

My original image was 1024 pixels wide. The tablet’s screen size in the original image is 340 pixels wide. The ratio is 0.332.

Multiply 340 by 0.332 to get 113. The next PNG image needs to be scaled to 113 pixels wide. Copy and paste that image into the PSD file to add another loop to the picture.

Images from ShutterStock.

Images from ShutterStock.

Repeat these steps (multiplying by the same ratio; in my example, the ratio is 0.332) until you can’t tell with your eye that the feedback loop isn’t ‘infinite.’

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Photo Puzzle: What in the World Is This?

Puzzle Photo 2

I was browsing through a photo gallery and this caught my eye.

I knew what the foreground was, but the background didn’t seem familiar at first.

The reason I didn’t recognize the background initially was that it didn’t seem to be a logical match for the foreground object.

When I recognized the foreground object, I was thinking of all the possible places that it could have been, and the puzzling part was that this background didn’t seem possible.

SPOILER ALERT. I will soon say exactly what both the foreground and background are.

The foreground object is our new cat, which you may recognize from a previous post.

The background is the television. That’s why I didn’t recognize the background at first.

Once I realized that the cat was standing up in front of the t.v., I recognized the background image.

My daughter was playing a video game with her Nintendo Wii.

You see this image on the t.v. when the player is in the Mii settings.

The cat jumped up onto the entertainment center, stood up, and was pawing at one of the characters.

Naughty kitty, we have proof that you were up to no good.

At least, I didn’t have to hire a detective. 🙂

I expect you recognized the cat pretty quickly. You probably didn’t recognize the video game unless you’ve seen someone playing it before. If not, did you realize it was a t.v.?