Snow on Palm Trees


It rarely snows here in Louisiana. Two days ago, it was fairly warm and my daughter said that she wished it would snow. She had watched Frozen a couple of weeks ago, so she was hoping to make a snowman. I tried to explain that it might be years before she gets to see snow. Wrong. Just two days! What do fathers know? (Not much, apparently.)

Seeing snow on palm trees and magnolias is a strange sight. I also finally got to see what the weather app on my phone looks like when it snows. Rain is pretty cool: It shows droplets; initially, one rolls down the screen. Snow has a great start on the app: At first, you see some pretty snowflakes on the screen, but, unfortunately, the screen then clears up except for a narrow strip of snow at the bottom.



18 comments on “Snow on Palm Trees

  1. As my cousin sent me a text this morning from Texas, this is just wrong! Of course in Indiana we are in the negative numbers with wind chills in the negative double digits and more snow this weekend 😦

  2. When we first moved to Canada the white Christmas was a treat! Now we are used to lots of snow from October on wards until about April – this varies year upon year. Life goes on as everything is set up for snow and low temperatures. The logistics of life is made easier by snow plows, plug-ins to keep the engine blocks warm and inside shopping malls. In Alberta we have dry air so even at -20 or so it is brisk but not bone chilling. In England -5 seemed exceptionally cold because of the damp air.
    Enjoy your snow and make that snowman!

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