Kindle Unlimited KOLL Payment for August, 2014 = $1.54

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KOLL Payment for August, 2014

Kindle Unlimited downloads read to 10% and Amazon Prime borrows paid $1.54 for August.

This is down considerably from $1.81 for July.

Update: Kindle Unlimited paid $1.52 in September, nearly the same as August, but dropped down to $1.33 for October. It’s back up to $1.39 for November, 2014 and further up to $1.43 in December, 2014.

However, there is, in fact, a precedent for this:

  • Amazon Prime paid $1.70 for its debut month.
  • Amazon Prime paid $1.60 for its second month.
  • Since then, Amazon Prime has steadily paid closer to $2.

So, like Prime, the first two months of Kindle Unlimited are somewhat lower than the usual $2 KOLL payment.

I think another month of data will be useful.

One big difference is that Kindle Unlimited subscribers can download many books, whereas Prime customers can only read one book per month.

With this in mind, it’s amazing that Kindle Unlimited has actually paid close to $2 per download read to 10%.

There is more to gain through Kindle Unlimited than through Prime, since any customer can read multiple books through the program.

Another advantage is that Kindle Unlimited downloads help your sales rank whether or not the book is read to 10%.

Kindle sales rank is also getting more competitive. It takes more sales or downloads than ever to maintain the same sales rank. That’s because many KDP Select books are receiving sales rank books through Kindle Unlimited.

There are also KDP Select books whose sales ranks are sliding despite getting Kindle Unlimited downloads, simply because many other books are getting even more downloads.

Just imagine how much those sales ranks would slide without Kindle Unlimited there to give it those beneficial downloads.

Though, if sales rank is sliding, opting out of select may still be enticing, even if the book is benefiting from some downloads. Opting out of Select opens up other doors, like Nook and Kobo.

I’m staying in Select though. I’m seeing a boost, overall, compared to the way it was before. Every book is different though.

It might be worth waiting a month before opting in or out.

Though, if you wish to opt out, you must uncheck a box from your bookshelf to disable automatic renewal AND you must wait for the 90-day period to pass before publishing elsewhere.

Chris McMullen

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8 comments on “Kindle Unlimited KOLL Payment for August, 2014 = $1.54

  1. I’m worried that scammers are going to fudge the system and spam KU with 10% reads. I have also read of an influx of 6-10 page “books” showing up on KU. Then the “author” only needs someone to look at 2 or 3 pages to get paid for the read. It won’t surprise me to see the payments drop for KU reads.

    • There is an abuse clause in the terms of service, and no doubt automatic monitoring on the lookout for specific behavior patterns. This should help limit the extent of any KU spam-reading.

      I don’t expect the very short book idea to get too much traction, except for a very small number of authors who can really market the serial quite well. Most will try it and discover how hard it is to move short stories, often much harder than moving novels, and word will spread.

      Rather, I think that soon the number of new free trials will greatly diminish and KU customers will get over the let’s-play-with-the-new-toy feeling. At least, I’ll remain optimistic until the September report says otherwise. 🙂

      • I trust that Amazon knows what they’re doing and will weed out the scammers. I think KU is a great idea and will be making my books available on it.

        I hadn’t thought about it until you said it, but the impact of KU may be felt on the amount of free ebooks on Amazon. Authors may chose to charge a little so that their book is included in KU with the possibility of getting something for their story, instead of free.

        Only time will tell, but it surely is an amazing time to be involved in this industry.

    • @Arphaxed, what’s wrong with those “authors” (as you say) with 6-10 page “books” (as you say) getting paid after someone reads 2 or 3 pages. At least “someone” will be getting paid. I guess those people are “gaming” the system and right on. They are being “played” by Amazon, so they are playing their own little game by NOT working like elephants to put out 300-400 page “books” to get 50 cents in downloads for all that hard work. For the anticipated 50 cents return on investment, they put up 6 pages, which is what $0.50-$1.00 deserves.

      • Guess I’m old fashion and have more respect for people who work for what they earn. Also, scammers only benefit in the short term, and then ruin the opportunity for everyone else… very selfish of them, and, again, I’m old fashion and don’t respect selfish people very much.

  2. Hey. I’ve been following your blog. Awesome. Question: I just got an email this morning that says that the fund for August has been increased by an additional $2.7 million, bringing the total to $4.7 million for August. Can you recalculate your findings and tell me how much per book we would be getting for August per book? I’ve tried to use your methods of calculations but unfortunately I am no math wiz…lol Thanks in advance.

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